Monday, January 01, 2007

Wow, I was actually right

Back before the NFL season started, I predicted that the Eagles would win the NFC East, the Cowboys and Giants would compete for the wildcard, and that the Redskins would be last by a mile.

I was also dead right about the Steelers, foreseeing both their 8-8 record and 3rd-place finish in the AFC North.

It's almost comical to take credit for these predictions, since I could never have imagined the bizarre road these teams travelled to reach these records. But as the saying goes in golf: it doesn't matter how, just how many.

If you told me that the Eagles would lose McNabb halfway through the season, that their rush defense would give up 200 yards/game for four straight games, and that none of their first five draft picks would contribute in any meaningful way, I would have figured their record to be 5-11, not 10-6.

But hell...for once, I was actually right! Forgive me while I do a little endzone celebration.


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