Monday, July 21, 2008

Back from the Beach

Now that I'm back from that grotesquerie of obese lobsterflesh known as the beach, I can finally comment on the sports happenings of the past several days...

  • The Packers' brass has to feel like Brett Favre is jerking them around. And sure, their ego is hurt by a player who can't make up his mind. But you know what? This is a business about winning Super Bowls, nothing else, so welcome him back and give him the ball. Enough drama already...he's the best QB on your team, so let him play.
  • Greg Norman's record is 2-7 when leading a major after three rounds. Tiger Woods: 13-0. Give Norman a lot of credit for leading the Open on Saturday, but his choke artist ways haven't changed a bit. And while Harrington played great, and deserves an asterisk-free win, everyone in the world knows that Tiger shoots -2 and walks away with the Claret Jug if he plays.
  • Jason Taylor to the Skins - it makes them better, but frankly it's still a stupid move for the Skins. While it definitely gives them an extra win or two this season, a second- and sixth-round draft pick are a lot to give up for a guy who's only playing one more year, maybe two. And the Redskins aren't winning the Super Bowl anyway, so why mortgage your future for a mediocre now? Maybe I'm just bitter because the Eagles have to play him twice.
  • Jeremy Shockey to the Saints makes them an instant NFC contender, even without a defense. 27+ points per game, easy.
  • Give Brian Westbrook a new contract? That's a tough one...he certainly deserves more money, but is that enough of a reason to give it to him? He's currently signed through 2010 and will be 32 when his contract is it seems like terrible business to extend him. Is team morale, which would improve if the Eagles paid Westbrook, worth the wasted millions?
  • Not sports related, but Genentech shot up $13 on a takeover bid (sort of) today...don't be surprised if it soon disappears from the right column of this blog.


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